Pew Internet Project

work-related updates. * 55% Usa Twitter to share links to news pages. Swarmed by offers, Diamond Book Distributors is currently assessing future choices. * 53% Used the service for the retweet of the material of others. * 40% Use the service to share photos with others, while 28% used it to share videos. * 24% Reveals tweets from your location. The report was prepared as a result of several surveys: data in general the use of Twitter and demography is the study of the Pew Internet Project in November at the 2010 track. Information about how often people use Twitter, as well as the topics that post, were from two large surveys in October 2010. According to the Center, this is the first time that has been conducted this research that focuses exclusively on Twitter users.

This is because Pew normally seen in general activities online, as opposed to brands in particular. So in the majority of cases, the Center’s research has been asking internet users with aim to use Twitter They use the Twitter service to share updates about you or to see the updates of others? In August 2008, 6% of Internet users answered Yes (if you share personal information). In September 2010, the number had changed to 24%-, but readers and some analysts have assumed that this result only referred to Twitter users. This is what led investigators to decide that the use of Twitter was worthy to be examined by government offices (of USA). When we get into 2011, it will be interesting to see if Twitter remains an entity that deserves to be investigated in a way more extensive.