Planning A Solar System – High Time For Efficient Work

New software law wattage Planner for use in solar craft click for click to the professionally planned solar system of Neumarkt/Oberpfalz the exact planning of a solar system is a complex thing, for the advanced solar professional. Now there is an abundance of individual software tools that make this job easier. Often these programs are but incompatible data must be entered multiple times. The Jura watt solar specialist has for its”dealer developed a business-grade and practical solution that efficiently connects all steps in a program: the Jura Watt Planner. Numerous practical experiences are incorporated into five easy steps to the goal in the development of the programme. The result: an easy to use software with intelligent user interface.

First, the user enters the data on the location and roof. The roof graphics, is the roof planning can be created with little effort, with Dormer Windows, window, etc. Now, the roof show automatically or manually. Then be the respective Inverter modules connected. Within a very short time, the planning documents for the complete system with all the bells and whistles, are available to the electrical planning and the parts lists. Who needs also further documents about it, can create Scheduler presentation documents with the Jura Watts, make an offer and advance develop profitability calculations, as well as a financing proposal. This provides the planner of a large weather database and other useful features.

Quickly, quickly, and it quite professionally: around 50% time savings can be using the new tool in half the time plan is a common system, the experts at Jura Watts even tested it. Possible sources of error are minimized, alone, because data must be entered only once. Who wants to convince yourself of the power of this software, can test for 30 days free Planner Jura Watts. Further information: law wattage GmbH harrows 17 92318 Neumarkt Tel. +49(0)9181 / 50 95 30 Internet: email: press contact: Werner Thoma