How it is its life? You much of the times think that God forgot you? He seems that everything is giving made a mistake in its life? We go to verify at this moment what God has reserved for mine and its life. We see that in Jeremias 18, God tells that we are compared with the adobe at the hands of the potter. It (God) is the potter, us (the adobe). When we accept the Jesus as our only saving enough e, then we want to work in the house of God, to make its workmanship and only want to only please and to please it. It tells in Jeremias 18 that the potter catches the adobe and soon goes starting its process until if forming a vase. For the time being you are only ' ' barro' '.

Interesting to stand out that 200 types of barros exist approximately, but 8 are only proper to become any species of vase. God, in way the millions of people, it chose you because you are a good adobe. Now that it already chose me and you as ' ' adobe bom' ' , the moment arrived to pass for a process that has 04 stages, sees each one of them: 1 – Tanning or rest of the clay: half for which the potter having taken off all the impurities of the clay it will go to make the process of the tanning that nothing more is of what resting the clay so that it is prepared for the next stage. He has people that they had accepted the Jesus as its rescuer and they do not obtain to leave this stage, therefore is a stage that needs patience and effort, is the moment where we confess our sins, our weaknesses, our hurts, are a very strong pain, and that it needs to be removed of our heart and, that, much of the times we think that God if forgot us, God alone hears someone or ciclano but us, is the moment of resting, placed you to God in a place so that you could give consistency in its faith therefore thus you will only be able to pass to the next stage.