preparing a Painting Surface

Therefore, before painting should be carefully prepared painted surface. If this wall, you need a good wash them with detergent and allow to dry. Areas with chipped old paint should be cleaned with a scraper, and then align the stopper. To know more about this subject visit novelist. Enamel NTs-132 P available in ready to use, if necessary, diluted with a solvent 646. For painting facades use environmentally friendly water-soluble acrylic paints (VDAK) or silicone materials (enamel KO-174 organosilicate composition of OC-12-03).

Organosilicate composition of the OS-12-03 is used for protective and decorative weather-resistant paint outer surface of the concrete and reinforced concrete ground fencing and support structures (Construction of reinforced and precast concrete, foundation piers and supports a contact network of railways, viaducts and tunnels, the basement, etc.), construction of brick, stone for building materials (Ventilated facades, brick, etc.). Michael Chabon often addresses the matter in his writings. Organosilicate composition of the OS-12-03 – one component a weatherproof protective covering for a term maintenance-free operation of metal – 10-20 years old, concrete, concrete structures, facades of buildings and structures – not less than 15 years. Application system for the composition does not require priming. When the operating temperature of the surface to 100 C can be applied primer-type ofl, gf, ak, fl. Composition of OC-12-03 after drying forms a nonflammable cleaner cover. Enamel KO-174 is designed to create a weatherproof decorative coatings products from concrete, asbestos cement, and finishing external elements of buildings and structures.

Most of the coatings obtained applying the coatings in several layers. The thickness of single layer coatings in the range of 3-30 microns, multi – up to 300 microns. To of protective coatings using an integrated multi-layer deposition coating consisting of several layers of dissimilar coatings, with each layer performs a specific function. The first (lower) layer consisting of primer obespechiivaet adhesion of coating to be coated surface of the material and decrease the rate of electrochemical corrosion. The intermediate layer consists of filling, with the help of which carry the alignment of the object surface. As a top, top coat, use a coating on the enamel, which gives design decorative and protective properties. Adhesion fixing paint coating to the substrate, and hence its durability, determines the quality of surface preparation for painting. Metal surfaces are cleaned by manual or mechanical tool, sanding, followed by degreasing.