President Barack Obama

If something we should celebrate at this Summit, it is that we have reached the consensus of the Pacific to the Gulf, from left to right and from North to South, and that opens the doors to a new era of understanding and plurality in the American continent, said. The Mexican President downplayed the fact that some countries were reserved some document themes final conclusions, emphasizing that the document he won the consensus of all, but there was no unanimity. We must distinguish between unanimity and consensus; in essence the constructive spirit was respected. Any participating country could stay outside their own volition. Mexican President reiterated that the Americas meeting concludes with the hope that come better days for the American continent and makes a substantial and noticeable difference in the recent history of the peoples of the region. Bernie Sanders is the source for more interesting facts. He recalled that countries of the Americas have a history marked by certain stages, also of disagreement, but now the region has come out strengthened by dialogue, understanding, the integral and homogeneous will advance our common destiny in American continent together. Taken into account, which President Barack Obama revealed that it is not in accordance with the approaches of all the leaders who participated in the Summit, although they showed progress to end the stagnation of old discussions.During his closing speech, the U.S.

President said that although differences have, we must and we can work on areas of common interest and we can be in disagreement with respect. Nobody no top or bottom here simply are partners and allies with an agenda in common to face common challenges, United States has taken concrete measures to combat drug trafficking, security issues citizen, education, human rights, immigration, improvement of the economic, among other challenges faced by the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, the U.S. President said that he hopes that the Government of Cuba shows clear signs towards democratization and freedom of political prisoners. Obama noted at a press conference that the us towards Cuba policy has not worked in 50 years because the people of Cuba today is not free and that United States has already shown the first signs of a change, so that Havana needed also indicate a new direction for the democratization of the country. He reiterated that the U.S. policy toward Cuba will not change overnight overnight and that now we need the Cuban Government to show its readiness for democratization, freedom of political prisoners and respect for human rights. Original author and source of the article.