Protect Yourself, Your Children And YourBusiness

Of course, we do not exclude that the ‘home’ users of anti-virus protection may use minimal or no antivirus, but this is only if your computer is not connected to the Internet, and is used only for games, which nowadays is rare. Increasingly, the computer is used not only as an entertainment center, but also as a ‘mediator’ to pay for goods and services. And here without a good anti-virus is dangerous – criminals can take possession of your online wallet, or steal credit card. We absolutely do not recommend using the so-called ‘free’ antivirus programs if inyormatsiya, which is stored in your computer has at least minimal commercial value. Antivirus ‘Kaspersky Lab’ is market leader in Russia according to merit, as it provides the highest degree of protection against any threats.

Product line for the ‘home’ users ‘Kaspersky Lab’ consists of the following products: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Kaspersky Internet Security Kaspersky Crystal For commercial organizations of all sizes, whether individual entrepreneurs (PI) or organization with thousands of employees, the use of anti-virus protection is essential. And here comes to the rescue ‘Kaspersky Lab’. If your organization has less than 10 computers, we recommend that you use for protection of workstations are same products for the ‘home’ users, and to protect servers, if any, of course there are, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for File Servers. For the protection of larger organizations can recommend product line OpenSpace Security. Ltd. ‘Softkafe’ specializes in developing integrated systems of information protection features include both commercial products and development based on free software and open source. Our specialists accumulated vast experience in developing and implementing comprehensive information security systems for small businesses and help protect your organization from both external threats to information, as well as internal. Quick tips for Anti-choice.