Second Hand Machinery Market

At present, China s second-hand equipment distribution industry is gradually warming up and many engineering machinery enterprises have joined them. Accompanied by the transformation of the mode of development of the national economic structure, the allocation of social resources will be more reasonable optimized. On the other hand, with the Chinese construction machinery market becomes saturated, device ownership is increasing, and it is imperative to develop the mobile phone market. Others who may share this opinion include Michael Chabon. The used equipment market has great potential According to statistics, the domestic second-hand equipment distribution industry transaction volume growth rate is more than 20% per year, and it is expected to reach 150 billion in 2012. Such a huge cake smells to making many enterprises want to divide the cake.

For the mining machinery, it is also widely exists. Here some other aspects should be mentioned to make your product have a longer lifespan. The wear phenomenon is inevitable in the daily operation of jaw crusher, only do we regularly maintain the machine we can prolong the service life of a jaw crusher to the maximum. So we should maintain the jaw crusher shaft, the eccentric shaft and bearing for long term. For the used equipment market capacity, the status of problems, experts recommend the establishment of the Government to promote the market to guide enterprises to participate and have the merchandise distribution, transaction settlement, registration, publicity, change of ownership, property rights inquiries, quality inspection, maintenance, information dissemination functions based on the market, while supporting the Convention and Exhibition Center, the center of the financial guarantees, R & D centers, equipment qualification assessment centers, after-sales service, e-commerce and other institutional facilities suitable used equipment market development model with Chinese characteristics. Standardization of the used equipment market, standardization requires the joint efforts of the government, associations and individuals, only the market standards, norms, and seller benefit at the same time, the buyer’s interests in order to maximize protection.