September Bulgarian

The massive loss of jobs in the last two years is not yet finished. Germany seems to have left the crisis behind them, employment is increasing since some Monatenwieder and unemployment falls to historic lows… It looks different, however, in Bulgaria. The country suffered massive job losses in the past two years. After the Bulgarian economy from the year 2000 up to the beginning of the global financial crisis, which then resulted in an economic crisis, showed a positive development, she met the slowdown of the world economy harder. As the personal adviser of the Bulgarian eood found out, took the level of employment between September 2008 and September 2010 to 242.000 off so that the private sector lost more than every eight jobs. But despite the decline in a shortage of highly qualified personnel with German language skills continues in many occupations to determine.

This was also during the last two years, worsened now but again. Dirk Steffes, Managing Director of human resources consulting engineers with German language skills are currently desperately sought by engineering companies, which have relocated part of its production to Bulgaria. Companies from Germany and Austria use the favourable site conditions in Bulgaria for many years and are dependent on staff with German language skills, to ensure the cooperation with their home sites. “A revival of the Bulgarian labour market is evident in this area attracts the demand in Europe for products”Made in Bulgaria”significantly.” By the close economic connection between Bulgaria and Western and Central Europe the positive momentum from the local economies with a certain time delay in Bulgaria are likely to have impact. Unlike the Bulgarian budget policy is in Greece as very stable, and also the Bulgarian banking sector seemed to be covered largely by the financial crisis. Thus are the prerequisites for the creation of new Given jobs.

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