A few simple guidelines, so that this does not happen to you. If you are the owner of a shop you know the problem: the clientele is formed. Though you seemingly do everything right, to offer good products at good prices, and your location is ideal, it can always happen that the desired rush to your business remains off. If not just managers of a big chain or discounter, which can quickly spell the end for your store. Therefore you do well to respond at the first signs. You work best but, in times where things are going well, keep it that way.

Special offers, SSV and whopping discounts of the customer is a special offer – so interpreted your bait! Seasonal percentages (E.g. winter sale and summer sales), discounts for the anniversary, 3 for the price of 1,… There are countless ways to draw attention to the customers on your products and to lure in your business. A customer who finally has the feeling, a real bargain having beaten is happy and satisfied – and come back. But caution: Stay honest and fair – avoid discounts and special offers that are only on first sight unbeingt. Feels betrayed the customer and verappelt he ain’t comin’ back guaranteed. It should be customer retention goal for each new customer that he is to the repeat offenders. Your goods or services if the customer was satisfied, he returns in normal circumstances and in the best case he recommends you further.

This is not only a 1-A value rates and top quality necessary, but also the emotional aspect. The customer is King! That’s why he should be in your store feel and always treat and be competent advice – this is clear. In addition, you should promote customer loyalty. This can be done through the good old discount stamp card or for example small gifts at Christmas. Often times what new – also in the Shopfitting offer their customers in addition to old proven also products – which should also your Shopfitting reflected in. A stale, dusty facility is not very inviting, because: the eye is buying! Please make sure that your products and goods are presented appetizer that your furniture is contemporary and functional (for the customer) and that you will not be bored. Time to time change the decoration or convert a few shelves. Change is good, only you should make sure that the customer enters a seemingly all-new shop every week – that is confusing in most cases and scoring rather an opposite effect. Katharina Meier