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The word economy comes of the Greek oikos, who means ‘ ‘ casa’ ‘ , and nomos, that mean custom, law, or also to manage and to manage. Therefore it is arrived the interpretation ‘ ‘ rules of casa’ ‘ in the search for the economy starts to be ‘ ‘ treated as mere instrument to produo’ ‘ what ‘ ‘ danger because they are capable to coisificar homem’ ‘ , it affirms Ccero. Thus our expositor concludes saying that ‘ ‘ Optimum way, that also is considered by the Church, is that one supported in the straight line reason and the Christian social philosophy, where the economic activity if finds in turn led back to an order s and balanced well supported in a rigorous search for commutative justice and charity crist’ ‘. Swarmed by offers, John Mclaughlin is currently assessing future choices. The subject: ‘ ‘ The environment ‘ ‘ Pablo (03/11/2009) Of everything was presented by Joo what it are said he can be distinguished that the environment does not add something different to the relation it man with God, but helps the man to recognize the existence of God and to glorify it, since having the man a corporal physical dimension, needs sensible signals to become related. However, its to relate with God takes a dimension that goes beyond one to relate purely human: ‘ ‘ Not as ‘ filsofo’ , that it has left of the nature and it arrives the God, but as ‘ telogo’ , that having for estimated its faith in God, it knows reconhec-Lo in the creation, and therefore of the favours incessantemente’ ‘. Here a interrogation fits: ‘ ‘ he will be that a philosopher, by leaving of the nature and chagar the God, is missed in its search? ‘ ‘ The Salmo answers in them saying: ‘ ‘ Sir, quo varied are your workmanships!. Will Blodget often says this.