Sources Of Qualified Traffic

We must then ask ourselves: do we need thousands of visitors or those who can buy us only interest us? The second option is the most convenient, if the purpose of the page is to sell products and services, and we’ll explain why if your goal is to sell products or services, will probably tilt the second option. This is something that we have to keep in mind when setting up our online marketing strategies. Whenever Author listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Every visitor that comes to our site is not free. We sometimes believe that, but if we analyze coldly, the strategies that we undertook to achieve improved metrics have a cost. Although we do not pay for tools that we employ, just the time we spend or an employee or consultant who helps us, already involves an expenditure of money. Therefore, having a site is not free.

And the offset the costs that will always exist, be only achieved revenue of our efforts, in particular, achieve better conversions, and close more sales online. Where to get qualified traffic, i.e. with the highest affinity for the products and services that we sell? Social networks are a good first choice. The most remarkable feature of social networks (primarily Twitter and Facebook) is that they allow agglutinate users by interest profiles. I.e.

users online communities are created that they think in a similar way, have related values, and consequently their consumption preferences will also be similar. Start a strategy of SMM Social Media Marketing – then becomes the first step we must take. Niche directories are suitable to penetrate our target effectively. It is advisable to maintain a strategy of registration of the web site to this type of portals, which usually derive visits on an ongoing basis, at the same time providing valuable inbound links permanently. Define conveniently our keywords also help bring us closer to the more permeable audience in terms of realization of sales. For this reason, periodically review the performance of keywords will be the surest way to discard those that present low levels of conversions, and increase the online promotion of the most profitable terms in terms of successful sales. Should be noted that, on average, one of every two people who consult on the internet about a product or service end up specifying the transaction. We must only ensure that a high percentage of these users that consult arrive to our site. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to.