Special Food For The Wedding

So many months preparing the wedding, and you realize suddenly realize that you have only one week. Nerves emerge, and if you’re not able to control them can play you very bad passes. Relax and eat. We offer an anti-stress diet for your wedding day you are quieter than the Buddhist monks takes note! To eat! Oats: Is indispensable in a soothing diet. Take it in the form of muesli, crackers, milk or soup pasta. Start the day with energy! Lettuce: Did you know that in the Middle Ages it was sold as a medicine? Prepare a salad and you’ll feel like new. Banana: Serves for everything.

With just one you get 1/5 of the daily needs for vitamin C, and has a large reserve of minerals, it protects the ulcers. Take it in dessert or to media later. Almonds: Small but effective, improve the nervous system. They are good for the heart and have a regenerating effect. You know, from 5 to 15 almendritas in an aperitif with friends. Raisins: Recommended for smokers by its high iron content. Broccoli and spinach: ideal for a dinner ligerita. They have many vitamins, so it is good that you do not cook the broccoli more than ten minutes.

Wheat germ: is a curative food of first category. You can sprinkle on yogurt, fruit or cereal or add it to any dish. Sunflower seeds: you can find them peeled and lists, so if hunger squeezes, rather than eat something fast, skip the junk food and take a few pipes. Cooked fruits: fruit baked in the afternoon to help fight the accumulated stress of the day. It is a foolproof method for people who suffer from insomnia. Hot milk with honey: there is no better formula for sleeping, calcium is good for the stomach and the hot drink you relax. 3,2,1 You marry already!