Spiritual Values And Education Holistic Education

At present the events live from day to day we give a clear indication of the urgent need to change the way they are educated our children and youth of the country and the world, which is a sign of ongoing violence, robbery, kidnapping , drug addiction, alcoholism, gangs and a host of social problems to society, regardless of the geographical region you are. In this sense we can say that the education of a people is an important factor in its development, therefore it is necessary transformation and innovation in it when it is observed that the development will weaken the human species and the planet . In modernity, consumerism has been absorbed into society, we are currently at the time of hedonism and takes away all value and meaning to human life because everything is based on pleasure, whether buying materialistic clothing brand, visit nightclubs, jewelry, giving a status, acceptance or belonging to social groups or fun. Similarly can said that technological advances accentuate the separation between the material and spiritual, giving priority to things and not humans (Santillan 1996:7) Nihilism is another problem that Ramon Gallegos Nava defined as moral relativism is a philosophy which states that nothing is good or bad in itself that everything is culturally relative and depends on how you define the subject or the community concerned (2007:43) In this case, you can not judge what is good and bad because different people will define as you see fit. Education in the classification theory of values, it is implicitly assumed that all are related and of equal value, according to this theory, it is the person recognize their beliefs and behaviors, choose those it deems best and to act on accepting the consequences.