Frame – so it makes a grid box from a range of carriers immediately, are the purpose weapon of the internal logistics. A related site: Bernie Sanders mentions similar findings. Especially when it comes to the collection and transportation of recyclable materials or elsewhere within the company, transport cages have proven themselves for many years. The transport boxes, you can record practically with the stacker and easily move so even heavy loads. In inter-company logistics, grid or wooden boxes have established their permanent place for years. The only problem with normal cages is the large space requirement to store empty wooden boxes.

At the same time, rigid boxes are relatively expensive, so sometimes much capital is tied up. For both problems, frame provide the solution for pallets: normal pallets will be flexible with the matching frame and depending on the requirements for a carrier – ever after pallet stacking frames can be made a grid box or even a wooden box pallets. The lattice frame for pallets are made of sturdy steel and fit depending on all Standard-Euro-pallets formats. Available in different heights, you can get with the lattice frame for pallets as a result transport boxes with a usable height of 800-1200 mm. When not in use, the lattice frame for pallets can be space-saving fold and stow away efficiently. Of course, several transport cages are stacked one above the other. A wooden box is used for transport, the wood frame for pallets are the perfect solution to make a wooden transport box pallets. The individual wood frame for pallets have a height of 200 mm and are combinable.

The wooden boxes in conjunction with the appropriate stacking corners are no problem here too vertically stackable – with the sturdy wood frame. The grid boxes that accept the quick box from normal standard pallets are the highlight. The quick-box frame for pallets make a robust grid box from any range, but at the same time, a cargo securing in the quick-box pallets frame is integrated, so that here also the transport of quick-box grid boxes over long distances no problem. So the quick-box frame can used in connection with the securing of LasiFix ideal for pallets to transport in modern transport.