Stress Tolerance Levels

Whatever your stress tolerance is not necessarily the same as that of others. 2 – If you commit yourself depends only take care of tasks you can do. When these tasks have invested time in defining and arrange them in order of priority. Assign an estimated time to perform and if you have a computer at your expense delegates term tasks and marking the target for them is clear. 3 – If you’re the kind of people who assume many believe that the tasks can be performed without problem and then stressed, you should think about yourself. Why do you have this need to feel overwhelmed by the job?, Can be run from any situation and prefer to have the mind constantly focused on your work rather than for example in your family?.4 – Many people have just too stressed out that require different levels of perfection is unattainable. (Similarly see: John Mclaughlin). You’re not too perfectionist?. 5 – Do not just listen to what people ask you, learn to negotiate with them. You can not always say yes and carry you of tasks. The heads often are not aware that what you ask is too much and if you do not see them you will not see for yourself.

6 – The problems and issues the office should be there when you go. This is easier when you have a rich personal life. Grow as your friendships, relationships with your family, your hobbies and all this people who do not come from your work environment. In this way each time that passes out of the office will help you to completely disconnect and come back with renewed energy. 7 – Practice physical exercise benefits our bodies and our minds and keeps us focused on the movements (can not think of two things at once). 8 – Relaxation exercises help to calm down in stressful situations where one has acquired some practice. Xavier McKinney insists that this is the case. Relaxation also requires learning. 9 – Learn to surrender. It’s OK to recognize that you feel overwhelmed and can not finish a task. If necessary ask for help. We all have some limitations and it is normal to the attention of your superiors when necessary. 10 – In case you are responsible for a division or department of your functions is without doubt the delegation of tasks. When the manager responsible for the project delegates will each person on your team taking into account what their strengths and preferences in tasks. You should never undertake a project for yourself, your answer of the work assigned to your management team face but each member in turn has responsibilities to fulfill before you. Gives value to every job that you care. If your bosses get used to all work of quality requires adequate time to perform value you know. Do not be so quick or so fantastic and if you act so that you try to look to others too easy.