Andrew Corentt

Perhaps many times we have asked us why many times our family was opposed to the achievement of our goals. The way in which this phenomenon occurs is not easy to explain, but everything lies in observing the behavior of our mind, when we decided to undertake a new project, it is normal to find us with a certain level of resistance, since the new idea involves different type changes and entails time and dedication. Among more radical change to be the greater the resistance, then the mind will seek to reject the new idea of all possible forms, delays in our work, strange events, distractions and anything that move our thinking from the desire to make our project a reality, this happens because the mind has fear and consider change as a bad thing. This resistance explains Andrew Corentt in his book I am happy, I am Rico that many call ego it is difficult to change point, is also important to emphasize the fact that feelings and emotions are intimately linked to the achievement of objectives, between greater emotion, joy and enthusiasm to feel the work we are doing will have greater chances of success and in shortest time since we are inwardly feeling happy and that is the message that is sent to the universe, the challenge is to maintain that State of optimism and joy at all times, when we accomplish the materialization is safe, but before we have defeated many obstacles. For even more opinions, read materials from Former Maryland Governor. Now let’s take our affective ties, for example our mind is accustomed to listening to the authority of our parents, siblings and other family members or friends since we were children, not touches there, washing the dishes, buying refreshments, lava, truck, etc. Have also received many fabulous things I brought this gift, we are going to party, you bought your toy etc. that happens with these facts, the case that our bond with our family is very close and the mind is accustomed to listening to the voices of our closest beings and This can serve to promote us or to delay us in achieving our goals, in the case of the opposition happens that the mind uses the strategy of weakening us through the views of our friends and close relatives, are much more likely to abandon an idea once you have received a severe criticism of a close person to another that is notthe explanation is clear, our emotional dependence decreases our energy level strongly with the contradiction of a close person. Then what is stated in the book the secret of the power of goals is that it is our purpose to make sure, look for competent people who can give us advice with authority, use discretion as possible and accept suggestions, but be determined to succeed, with determination, we will achieve our goal, it is not strange that in the majority of cases the last to believe in our project are the people closest, but now we know why this phenomenon occurs and something deeper is the following: that resistance is a reflection of our own resistance, the truth is that what we perceive is our lack of conviction at the subconscious level, when our belief at the subconscious level, the realisation also occurs..