Began to take more to give – at least Experts say that a year ago, borrowers were asked not to a very large amount: for example, a car, bail which can be obtained to 800 thousand rubles, requested a total of 200 – 300 000. Today, increasingly insist on the maximum possible credit. Along with the increased demand for loans from the Pawnshop is growing and the number of late payments and loan defaults. "Very Many now leave the car, 10% do not return the debt. The reason is simple. Now it is very difficult to sell a used car. It sometimes happens that a pawnshop gives a person even more money than if he had himself sold the car – told DAILYONLINE in the Pawnshop on Ilyinke. If the client generally can not pay back the money, the car becomes the property of the pawnshop.

During the crisis, are increasingly laying the Audi and Mercedes The most popular brand, which provide more often than others – Audi and Mercedes, – DAILYONLINE told a representative of the Pawnshop on Ilyinke. – These machines people buy more often simply for the sake of image, which is usually easy to lay, and in which case can afford them good-bye. Least likely to take the credit by Toyota. Typically, the owners of these cars people are too practical. " Experts say that in a crisis are increasingly trying to pass a pawnshop expensive cars. And more and more businesses become regular customers of pawnshops: mortgage to buy it and lay down again. "Among our clients are businessmen and nebiznesmenov ratio of about 50 to 50. Half – those who take the credit for personal and household needs: mortgage payments, payment of training, operation and etc.

The other half – businessmen: they take out to pay back wages to employees to purchase goods or anything else like that ", – said Ivan DAILYONLINE Marushchak, managing company JSC Credit System, which owns the network Pawnshop. Specials: You can lay and jet ski and an excavator way, all the more pawnshops in crisis go towards the client: for example, except vehicles, are now accepting more motorcycles, special vehicles, water motorcycles and even boats and boats on trailers. In short, today we can lay almost anything that has wheels and engine. "I do not always refer Pawnshop. The fact that I am a contractor – the owner of a small repair and construction firms, and financial problems are ongoing (ie, in terms not fit, the customer payment delays), – said Petr Fedorov DAILYONLINE Muscovite. – Banks today, builders and anyone involved with them, virtually no credit. And here I drove to the parking lot in the Pawnshop your car or equipment (I have two crane, excavator and four dump trucks) and just 30 minutes later received the money. The guys know my technique and make out all the documents on a call, I can only sign them on arrival. And as a regular customer, I still have a discount here. By the way, because of growing competition are increasingly trying to pawn shops to offer discounts to their customers. In addition to Bonus loyal customers, do a discount on new cars. Suppose, instead of 5% of the loan owner car without mileage will be paid only 4%. Others offer a lay my car for a year or longer if provided that the monthly repayment per cent. Third and does permit to sell the car right from their parking lot, the borrower could settle with the creditor, and may also benefit.