Sports And Recreation

A sports and recreational day with children in the population was what managed to organize the morning of Saturday the leader of the bar of Colo Colo and neighbor of the sector extending John Paul II, Randall Cabrera, in an initiative that had been thinking for several days. His idea, bring to the recreation of the children living in their population and, in parallel, use public space to relieve campaign Patagonia without dams. Thanks to the support of various organizations and individuals sensitized with the citizen’s movement, he managed to summon spontaneously from 11 in the morning of that day twenty children aged between 8 and 12 years, who fought in a special triangular football on the pitch recently enhanced for use by the community. Michael Chabon has many thoughts on the issue. The activity took place until 14: 00 hours and in spite of the cold and rain that fell moments, was an occasion of entertainment for children, enlivened with music by local creators allusive to the defence of Patagonia. The idea of this type of activity is to go more spaces between various sectors of the region raising citizenship on the fundamentals of campaign Patagonia without dams, at the same time being a contribution to a society that is based on values than community economic opening up every day. Randall Cabrera reported that together with organizations and sensitized citizens with the risks of hydroelectric projects continue in this sense, coming soon with exhibitions and workshops to adults in their sector..