European Union Technology

This allows you to seriously harmonize and simplify to obtain the necessary permits. "For developers of one of the main advantages of the technology lmk is the rate construction and rapid turnover of funds. For example, the project is 4-5 thousand square meters. m takes 4-5 months from beginning the construction documents prior to delivery of the object, – says Sergey Chernyshev, Director General Russian subsidiary of , the leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries. – Construction accelerates including through one-stage design. That is the factory project office at the same time produces structurally mounting documentation for manufacturing and assembly scheme for the building, which did not need further adjustment.

" In the European Union and United States are now more than 50% industrial construction accounts for lmc. According to this technology elevate almost any structure – sheds, warehouses, garages, logistics facilities, shopping centers, pavilions, industrial shops, cattle farms and even homes. At the same time, local developers the benefits of using steel is still seriously undervalued. To date, the share of lmc in the construction of buildings in Russia is no more than 10%. One of the the few areas where the benefits of this technology is already generally accepted – is the construction of warehouses. Experts estimate that about 30-40% of all storage facilities in our country falls on the building of the lmc. In recent years increasingly become use the metal for the construction of commercial real estate – from convenience stores to hypermarkets.

Repair Children

To repair a child's room should be handled with particular trepidation – because there your children will live, and this is the most precious thing we have. Poet describes an additional similar source. Therefore it is necessary not only to thoroughly think through all the stages of work, but also pay attention to the choice of finishing materials, interior design. Others who may share this opinion include Risa Miller. Also do not forget about your child's safety – it is necessary to produce quality work on the installation of wiring to prevent short circuits and fire. C where to begin repairs in the nursery? The first step is to determine the overall styling of the room. Try to pick the colors and colors that positively affect the emotional and mental fledgling state of the child's psyche. These colors include: blue, cream, pink, turquoise and the like. It is not recommended to use too saturated bright or dark colors – red, orange, black etc.

If your child has reached 5-6 years, it is recommended to know his opinion of what colors he would like to see in his room. When you choose style and design registration children's room, it is necessary to determine the finishing materials – they must be safe and do not include in its composition any toxic or poisonous substances. Of course, today's manufacturers of finishing materials strictly monitor the quality of their products, but you can buy low-grade materials made little-known producers of China or Vietnam. So remember – looking for a cheap, think about the health of your child. If the repair you change wiring, it should be invited for the work of professional electricians, who have high qualifications and long experience. Specialists in repair facilities do not recommend inviting to replace electrical workers' housing department, as most of the qualifications of these "professionals" severely hamstrung – better to rely on a specialized firm or organization that has an impeccable reputation and who provide warranties for their work. Repair in children's must be done without haste, hoping everything carefully and accurately performing the work. If you do something wrong, it's best not to torment yourself – contact a reliable construction company, of which today is the large number to choose from. The work of professional artists will cost a pretty penny, but when doing so significantly reduce the repair time, and the quality of work you pleasantly surprised.

Sanitary Showers

Refurbishing public showers and bathrooms. Blank walls, somehow finished with cracked white tiles or colored bubbling oil paint, are a thing of the past. Of course, if the main walls are already there and are in good condition, it is hardly necessary to engage in redevelopment and demolish them. But in the case where a bathroom is built from scratch, the customer and the designer is choice. Now in most cases, the preferred light and modern sanitary toilet partitions and shower enclosures. This is a convenient, hygienic and functional solution. With all these qualities, and relatively low cost, modular sanitary partitions are ideal for use in offices and industrial premises.

They are easy to clean, not exposed to moisture and corrosion, are mounted in a few hours and can be easily disassembled, if you need access to utilities. Modern sanitary toilet partitions and shower enclosures are made of aluminum profiles with different Fill type. Using aluminum frame provides durability and attractive appearance design. The frame is usually covered with enamel powder, the color that you can pick up on with ral. Size booths can also be standardized, and may be selected individually, taking into account the assigned area. Depending on the configuration space, we can vary the form of booths, connecting parts of the wall at an angle different from 90 . Shields, theoretically, can be made of any watertight material, but the choice of material is worth remembering that he must conform to the premises with high humidity.

Most often customers prefer laminated chipboard, perfectly suitable for both toilet and shower partitions. Chipboard can be of any thickness: the most frequently uses lightweight chipboard thickness of 8 mm or, if necessary, more dense – 16 mm thick. Color laminated watertight cover walls can be almost anything. More expensive and lightweight material used for both types of shower and toilet partitions – reinforced laminate. Sometimes used water-resistant chipboard with melamine surface, preserving the original appearance for many years even under the harshest conditions operation. For shower walls often used polycarbonate – a translucent material relating to a class of synthetic polymers and is a complex linear polyesters of carbonic acid, and phenols. Polycarbonate has a high heat resistance, excellent impact strength and excellent appearance, as well as possible suitable for shower rooms, helping to create a feeling of purity and freshness. Modern sanitary toilet partitions and showers, as a rule, are delivered fully equipped with all necessary fasteners and accessories (including locks variety of types: from simple latches or a lever lock to lock with embedded indication of employment) that allows you to quickly and easily establish their own resources and immediately start using the premises for other purposes.