Timidity is fear to face situations that cause you shame such as public speaking, not knowing how to say not for fear that you rejected, you blush in the presence of others, this can be overcome if it is your case only pays attention to this article where I’ll give you a few tips to combat shyness also enhance self-esteem. Being shy is afraid of people, public speaking, blushing you in certain situations that give you shame. I think all at some point in our lives we have gone through the same thing and this is normal, but when this escapes from your hands to the point of you not let you manage normally and this also do not let you move forward in your life Besides contributing to a low self-esteem, that’s where you have to be alert. Do not think that shyness is a bad thing or a disease, do not worry, that Yes, but you pay attention to your symptoms of shyness and low self-esteem, it is possible that complicate things with time and this becomes in social phobia or social anxiety. These disorders that you mentioned before are more complicated to treat and could get to the point people would give you fear, it is likely that even you can exit and return you a lonely person with no one on the side for your fear. I have good news for you, shyness can be overcome, only if you’re willing to do your part to get ahead and ask yourself improve for your sake, don’t wait as I said before, to have a social phobia just react. (Source: Michael Chabon ). So you take action right now, think that shyness also leads to low self-esteem, because no samples safety, nor trust in yourself.