Children Parents And Divorce Express

It is difficult to provide assistance to the children when we feel vulnerable, hurt, insecure or very angry because of a divorce express. However, in those moments is when they need us. A little reflects and analyzes how it is that they have to deal with a situation that did not wish (the process of divorce), and for which they are not prepared. The first thing you should do is give fitted to the feeling of your children, they have the right to feel and to decide if they want to talk or not, on their emotions about the process of divorce. You must respect that decision.

Trying to compel the child so that it speaks of what happens, increases his discomfort and away from you. Despite your discomfort by necessary divorce in Mexico City, you can make him feel that you want it and you will be at your disposal when you have the intention of external its feel. It is important to you to tell you, even if you think that the already knows. You don’t criticize them, not try to change their emotions so that they feel better, nor the you racionalices, you’ll just prolong the effects of the divorce. The procedure divorce is a difficult stage and if you don’t know how to overcome separation, will be even more. Some of the following recommendations will help you so that you to help overcome the effects of the divorce to your children: validate their emotions to recognize, accept and respect their feelings. Give you long enough to hurt you. Not make comparisons of who has achieved more progress with their pain.

Do not press them. Respect their spaces of solitude if he is requiring them. Not relieve his discomfort with material objects. And finally, to help your children to transcend emotions caused by the divorce express, you have to do something with the pain they are causing you the causes of divorce. With information: growth-and-welfare-emotional