Indigo Children

" With this formulation, the children appeared the group task: to decide where they will be built and who will be the first. Children love to solve problems independently and take responsibility for actions that lead to certain results. Children require more attention and feelings to themselves. Children are very cheerful and try to find a place among the other children, but can be emotionally unbalanced due to the fact that they do not understand. They can not imagine how others may operate with any desired position, but not from a position of love. Indigo Children often diagnosed: a syndrome of increased activity (hyperactive child) and attention deficit disorder, due to misunderstanding of the true state of the child. Kids now think in new ways, and from adults also need a new thinking. In recent months, Malkia Cyril has been very successful.

– "And what do we do now?" – Ask the parents. Follow others, such as Novelist, and add to your knowledge base. The best way to find these children – to communicate with them! Give children a choice, and you'll get from them responsible action. This new method, like many others, based on the fact that from an early age to give children information for self-treatment. -Accept responsibility for your actions in the age of five? Address social issues on their own (to determine who would stand first in the series)? Is this possible? Do not like it at the guidelines for adults, not children? Yes! These guidelines for adults and children. Modern children are much better than the old, understand how things are, and adults should not impose them indefinitely their desires, their thinking, their programs. Kids now do not hold! Children need to hear now! – "How do we manage a child and disciplining him?" – Spoken by parents.

The answer is that you must first love the child, to believe in its inner harmony and self-development opportunity. Need to explain to a child (regardless of age, even if he still can not speak), why he is asked to behave that way rather than another, and then given a choice (if the child understands it.) The difference in the interaction with the child is not in the ways in which children are forced to maintain discipline, and how to it are in the process of solving the problem. He made clear: "We treat you with respect, we love you, we believe in your inner harmony, we recognize your opportunities for self-regulation and self-realization." Today method requires trust, respect everyday crebenkom different from the one that was adopted in the past. You do not need to "walk around on tiptoe, and the child to indulge his whims and tricks" or permanently scaring and prohibit. You just have to respect it and give the opportunity to make their choice, instead of demanding: "Do what you say and do not ask questions!" Parents should try to make friends with young children child and abandon the old model of parent-child behavior in which we were raised. And then reveals that children very early start to react to show respect and build relationships with his mother and father just not as we once built a relationship with their parents. These children are much wiser, and they amaze senior capacity for self-discipline (responsibility). They soon begin to pay attention to social problems, much earlier defined "adult" questions – and early enough to become our friends, not just Trust (pupils, students). Preparing for school