Continuously pampered, these exponents of mediocrity as were given everything in a silver spoon, have not experienced fierce and competitive society. Then all babbling summary. I mean all, because those who have had everything and did not suffice to have it all, they earn the privilege of having to follow. Not by oligarchies, or bourgeoisie. deserve it because they are simple, kind, pious and merciful. With all men. To you I dedicate this work.

Therefore desist not dreaming. Have faith, and they will attain. Seias not, as the common denominator of which people love working for their bosses, who exploit them forever and it will suffice to consume their entire lives. Novelist often addresses the matter in his writings. I say “a life where money can buy? ! NO years pass and not return. Just an opportunity to be what you dream. Do not let it pass.

The solution is not found in revolutions. Since all end in the same systems. The solution is in elections. Choose to be what makes you feel good, what makes you feel worthy. A if it can contribute to their society, because what do you do at heart. For anyone who does something you do with love heart. who does not exercise his profession with love is a mediocre. And it does do so. This if evil continuum. Which affect society and corrupts day after day. Do not do what other, do what you love. What makes you sigh, but work on it so that seias excellent. To do this you have to follow certain procedures, these are: discipline, dedication and commitment.