There must be a reason to explain why some parents get their children to obey with words while others frustrated all peaceful efforts. In other words, if two children are the same age and a similar level of understanding, and their parents give them a similar order, one obeys and the other does the opposite? With certainty is not due to the bad luck of having a son or daughter disobedient, as they listen to parents. Actually there are many factors that can contribute to a child disobeys an order. Here ready 5 common reasons: 1. order is confusing-you’ve told your daughter: you do not ever eat SOAP, and after a few minutes find it giving it a little bit. The reason could be merely that the phrase was very confusing.

Test ignore these suggestions or change by the SOAP we use only to wash our hands 2. You have asked impossible.-maybe not seem it to you, but for your 4 year old son can be impossible to finish eating all the soup when it is going through a stage of little appetite. It is not that he does not want to obey, it is simply that she is not hungry. Test to place less amount in the dish and ask let me know if you want more. 3. Isn’t the best time-you are visiting in your sister’s House and your 5-year-old girl is submerged in the game with his eldest cousin. Suddenly, you walk into the room and tell him get shoes that we go!.

Of course you are not going to have an answer positive, but again this has solution. About 20 minutes before the time of exit, announce your girl and her cousin are to go. Better still, muestales the time on the clock so that they have a tangible idea of what it is. 4.