Semi Automatic Coffee Pots

The automatic coffee pots are classified semi in automatic coffee pots and the completely automatic ones. In what they are different? In the semi automatic coffee pots, the user controls the amount of water and also he must eliminate and dose the coffee wet grinding. Also it warms up milk with the milk heater. With the completely automatic coffee pots, the water that is used only can be fit previously, choosing two options, double or The automatic coffee pots also offer the dosage to you of the automatic coffee. The coffee wears out, doses and it is prepared automatically. In the coffee pot semi automatic homes and small offices or small restaurants are used in. Another important difference the heat exchanger. In the semi automatic coffee pots only there is a boiler to warm up the water and to prepare the steam that is obtained by the vaporizer. In the automatic coffee pots there is one heats additional that steam without interrupting the heating of the water allows to general.