Association Day

I write an article to share my experience and inspiration that serve. If you are doing a diet this article has no other purpose to support you and give you encouragement, since sometimes it becomes a difficult task. From my own experience I can say that the worst dieting is hunger, at the beginning it is not noticed but when it takes a few days starts to appear and hunger appear anxiety and bad mood and we already have the perfect Predictor for throwing the towel and see not fulfilled our desire to lose weight. Throughout my life I have learned several tricks for hunger and achieving the goal that I had set myself. It is also very important to have a table to follow the regimen. Breakfast should be itself only half of the energy intake of the day this is going to do to face the day with a better mood. Make a strong breakfast because during the rest of the day what are you going to burn.

The snack of eleven, the Spanish custom of taking the skewer is very good to avoid arriving at lunchtime with a hunger a bull. Clear that the Spike has to be healthy: a piece of fruit, a bit of ham or Turkey Breast. At lunch we must complement our menu with some vegetables, some of protein and some cereals. Dan Waldman might disagree with that approach. Vegetables have a high satiety. I was born a little plump so I am always laps with diets until I found a diet called the Association diet and the truth is that I was fairly well. I lost a few kilillos of weight and win a few grams of happiness.