It Destroys And Preserves Long-term Relationship

Former U.S. vice president Al Gore and his wife Tayper never shown in public signs disintegrating marriage.therefore, the announcement that they are divorcing after forty years of marriage, for many it became surprise. “I am so shocked that words can not convey” – said the family friend Chris Downey. “Although every marriage is not like the others, a divorce after 40 years of living together is atypical,” – says psychologist Robert Levenson of the University of California, who studies family life. “Many divorces occur at the beginning of the marriage, so surprising, when a couple with so many married people experience decides to separate.” The marriage begins to suffer hard times, when change relationship as a couple and partners can not adapt to them, for example, after the birth of their first child. Tensions also increased due to housekeeping, finances and parenting. In this case, Levenson notes, divorces caused by all of the above, often marked by anger and fierce opposition.

But if the couple has managed to overcome all the difficulties, the relationship becomes stronger. Many people recognize that in the middle life experience greater satisfaction with their marriage, especially when children have grown and left home: “Many spouses are rediscovering each other.” “And that’s a fact – people are often happier when celebrates 35 anniversary his marriage, “- says psychologist Terri Orbach of the University of Michigan, author of” 5 simple steps how to turn a good marriage great. ” According to friends of the pair Gorov, they divorced because of the fact that “too alienated” from each other. “This is one of the main causes of divorce in mid-life – a relationship consists of a rut and bored. Just spouses forget to show mutual respect, which leads to frustration and loneliness, “- says Orbach. Studies Orbach conducted have shown that marriages where husbands do not feel that they are valued, destroyed twice as often: “It all starts with little things that are invisible. But over time they accumulate and become more and more significant. ” To overcome these difficulties need to learn to “fight fair” and discuss everything that the couple expect from each other in a relationship. Well, to cope with boredom, and a husband and wife need to add “sharpness” to marriage, for example, simply changing a favorite restaurant to another, or gone to a new resting place. “Happy couple, who continue to be together, to change over time. They are constantly each other a little bit provoking “- added a psychologist.