Explanation Of Hearings

For a long time decoding of audio lessons every occasion had to deal with various problems inherent in the organization of office management and business development in our country. Typing with a record trial (audioprotokol) – rather "new" word in the transcript growing industry – encompasses all the nuances and the costs of the Russian system. It's no secret that the judiciary in the country is not without drawbacks: low qualifications of the judiciary, corruption, lack of a mechanism for disciplining judges mistakes and intentional wrongful acts, 'tribalism', mutual responsibility, etc. The work of judges is very tense, courts swamped with business. Imperfect and equipping of ships. Secretaries, as well as 100 years ago, keep the minutes of meetings, transcripts are maintained on paper.

The computer is almost never used. Question: how to capture the authenticity of the transcript or text file? Numbered forms? – No. – Perhaps, changes and amendments made to the computer? – Not that either. It turns out that the trial record is 'virtually'. It can be changed, amended or distorted.

Possible errors or the human factor in transcription of speech of speakers in court. However, current laws are such that the word or letter, even a comma can have a negative value for a fair verdict, the judge. Record of the trial meeting, according to hundreds of lawyers surveyed, in most cases does not reflect the essence of the process, and often completely distort its meaning. Lawyers are known cases where a court record of the fall of the files copied from a computer investigator, and by listening to audiotape the hearing, the picture is quite different: other readings, new facts and evidence. How can prove that the court, following a kind of outsider interests, but not for justice, made the decision? Meanwhile, court records – is the most important and the only procedural document, which reflects the trial. Protocol – a source of evidence for the higher courts. Based on the study of a protocol concluded on the legality of the proceedings. Yehoshua November will not settle for partial explanations. Today, it is necessary to monitor the actions of many officials and judges. It can be and must be implemented within the framework of existing law. This will help the community in the development of the judicial system, will help initiate and terminate anti-corruption processes. In recent years, litigants use Voice recorder for audio recording in court. It is easy to use collected information for the good of the cause. The problem firms 'TaypMaster' – to help the legal community, including lawyers, to create an effective system of control over the content court records. Firm 'TaypMaster', deciphering the record of trial as a dictaphone, and with the use of professional equipment – a reliable aide either side of the court process in the improvement of our judicial system. We guarantee high recognition audio and video recordings. Tight deadlines and high literacy of the work, taking into account the specifics of the court process – our undoubted merit, which have appreciated many law firms.