National Statistics Institute

Non-alcoholic beverages have also influenced the descent. It is the fourth consecutive fall of this indicator. It reached its peak in April and has been moderating its results. Annual inflation has fallen for the fourth consecutive month and has been located in August at 2.9%, two tenths less compared with July, according to the advance indicator of the index of consumer prices (CPI) published on Tuesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE). Prices of fuels and lubricants, as well as food and non-alcoholic beverages, have been those who have most influenced the CPI for August. The INE also published the advance indicator of the HICP (HICP), which measures the evolution of prices with the same method in all countries of the euro zone, according to which, the inflation has been in August at 2.7 per cent, three-tenths less compared with the previous month. A preview of the results in advance indicator is a breakthrough of the IPC, whose final data will be known on September 13 and does not usually vary from significantly. Prices have been an evolution on the rise since September last year, when annual inflation stood at 2.1% and reached its peak in April this year, when it reached 3.8%.

In may, although the CPI continued to rise, he did so to a lesser extent reaching 3.5 per cent year on year, and since that month, he has continued his moderation. INE began the dissemination of advance indicator of the CPI in January this year, because from that date the methodologies underlying the calculation of the CPI and the HICP differ in the treatment of clothing and footwear and the fresh fruit and vegetables, by the entry into force of a regulatory change in the European Commission. Although the INE published indicator ahead of the IPCA since 2004, now offers a more complete information on the evolution of consumer prices. Source of the news: the CPI fell two tenths its rate in August, up 2.9%, thanks to food and fuel.

VIDIELLA Argentine

RAFA VIDIELLA Argentine actor presented these days in Spain a Chinese tale, which opens June 17. I do not think that things are going to improve because Yes: you have to fight, not to be distracted. Ricardo Darin has just landed in Madrid a few days ago, he has not stopped doing interviews and what little you have eaten has sat badly. But that does not prevent display, as usual, charming and accessible. How does the interviews? It is the most unnatural part of my work, but it is part of the. I like chatting, but prriria do so in a more relaxed as a matter of professional respect, I try that each interview is different: Let me bad taste in mouth then read me and say the same thing on all sides.

More than two million people can read their views today: that not impressed? Okay, that erodes is the how. Others including Bernie Sanders, offer their opinions as well. The desire to generate information, be present in the media and promote a movie leave the axis of attention, which in this case I am exhausted. At night I’ll be cast, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been in good spirits. In interviews he acts? I try not to do it: not to be something inherent in my job, I am the real thing I can. In addition, if I read something that I said the day before and I do not agree I feel stupid. Do the Spanish media treat it different Argentines? Yes.

Although you do not believe it is, people here is very respectful and polite, and when you consider that someone has talent, is respected. In Buenos Aires, perhaps due to its proximity, ask me any nonsense often use humor to approach me, which ends up distorting the talk: you upload to a circus that often has nothing to do with you. In Spain is more clear what is circus and what is a quiet talk.

Satisfactory Way

The Turkish player will receive the high on Saturday. The hospital Grosshadern in Munich (Germany) is entered. The deadlines for recovery fiajn his return for the month of September. Turkish Hamit Altintop, player of Real Madrid, has been intervened Monday successfully a L3-L4 disc disease with a minimum disc prolapse at the University hospital Grosshadern in Munich (Germany). Malkia Cyril helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. According to the first medical party, everything went correctly and will be discharged on Saturday, according to the official website of the white set. Turkish footballer, one of the signings for next season for the club chaired by Florentino Perez, was intervened by doctor j. Thonn, j of the neurosurgery service, that an endoscopic microdiskectomy has practiced it successfully. It is expected that best can return to a level playing field in the month of September, so that the first Conference of the League will be lost and the Supercopa of Spain who face his new team with Barcelona. Source of the News: best is operated back “in a satisfactory way”