Every day, thousands of men buying women flowers. This is a wonderful gift and a token for a woman. Surely those who gave the flowers, though once thought, what did they say the flowers. Flowers can tell a lot. In Japan, for example, Yellow – a symbol of light and sun, and give yellow flowers to people who want light and goodness.

This color is considered a symbol of hearth and marriage, prosperity and wealth. Orange symbolizes strength, power, pride, and and harvest, happiness and celebration. A blue flowers "speak" the longing, devotion, and decided to give their departing to the army. Blue and purple – the colors of delicate and touchy people. Flowers such paints are not considered holidays and are therefore not to wedding. Also is a flower can hide under a value, for example: Rose (red) – love, passion. 'I love you', 'I can not live without you', 'Thou must be mine. " Rose (bud, red) – "I think I love you ',' I'm glad we met ',' Every day my feelings for you all the stronger.

" Rose (white) – purity and innocence, modesty and tenderness, the mystery. 'I'll do you', 'You're an angel. " Rose (bud, white) – youth, inexperience, charm. 'I'm ready waiting for you ',' I do not want to lose you. " Rose (yellow) – happiness, joy. 'You – My Sunshine. " A flower that expresses the most positive emotions. According to the language of flowers, yellow roses do not have anything to do with adultery and jealousy (although such interpretation of their symbolic meaning is very common). Rose (Ivory) – elegance, harmony, perfection, constancy. 'I remember. Always ',' We are with you – a perfect match ',' You're above all praise! " Rose (pink) – the highest happiness, 'trust me'. There are many colors of roses and each says something different. Has anyone thought about whether one can "teach" flowers "speak" to understand all languages. The flowers throughout the time they please loved one, came up to him your wishes. It turns out you can. With new technology coming from the U.S "Trainers" flower with special labels on flowers. Giving a flower beloved person, you communicate to it what it is you think. Love each other and talk about it as often as possible.