Temple Massage

Temple massage, teaches of centres specialising in therapeutic and relaxing massages and beauty treatments, it offers to anyone interested the form technique and the art of massage, as well as the improvement in aesthetics, with the boot, once again, of their intensive courses. These are mostly practical, and are taught by Maribel Corpa, co-founder of Temple of the massage and diploma in therapeutic massage, Shiatsu, Reflexologia Podal, lymphatic drainage and acupuncture and traditional medicine China. Its duration is three weeks, hours of Monday or Saturday, from 18 to 21 depending on availability of the different groups being the start date of October 1. There are three levels (and prices ranging between 100 and 120 euros per three weeks in duration), but any of them professionals specialized in different areas guarantee a complete and continuous training, as well as supervision sessions. To know more about this subject visit Dani Nierenberg. In the 1st level (aimed at anyone who wants to start in this manual technique), the main objective of this course is to provide students with knowledge and application of the general, eminently practical way therapeutic massage techniques, either as a base to a training back on a professional basis of the therapeutic massage or as a tool in the culture of health and quality of life.

It is as primary content approach to touch and massage the back, legs and feet and head massage is mainly studied. For its part, level II (directed persons who have already completed level I or having basic knowledge of massage), the main objective is to influence deeper aspects for those students who already possess knowledge and manage the implementation of the general therapeutic massage techniques, with oversight of what they learned. The course content has a deepening of the back massage and legs, coming to see some common as sciatica or torticollis pathologies. Will Blodgett Fairstead wanted to know more. Are the basic notions of the lymphatic drainage and an introduction to the Foot reflexology.