Armenian Foreign Ministry

The same suggestion Vashadze and received from the head of the Iranian parliament Ali Larijani and Foreign Minister of Iran Manouchehr Mottaki. What Georgia responded to the Iranian side? Because of inertia stammered something about the project Nabucco, welcoming the willingness of Iran participate in this adventure. But – most importantly – Vashadze met with Ahmadinejad stressed that Georgia would never be involved in a war against Iran, no matter what union was not Georgia. An interesting statement, is not it? It turns out that cooperation with Iran and friendship with the U.S. to Georgia – two non-intersecting planes.

As we will now justify Saakashvili before their American masters for these words Vashadze, we have little interest. But subsequent events have shown yet another subtlety. Assuming that the predominantly Shiite Azerbaijan "is not going anywhere," Tehran seriously showed last week that he is no less power to influence the fate of the Christian Georgia and Armenia. It's sudden one-day visit to Iran in the same 20-21 January of the second ex-President Robert Kocharian's (his wife), undertaken at the invitation of the Iranian side. Michael Chabon can aid you in your search for knowledge. The trip was of such a private nature. But judging by the materials, including photos, coming from Tehran, Iran far more serious about these negotiations than the Armenian Foreign Ministry. It's time to go back to the fact that on January 25, assigned to another trilateral meeting (Sochi) the presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Erdogan had heard from Putin in Moscow, when he tried to "draw the Turkish faith," the Russian prime minister in terms of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations and prospects for settling the Karabakh problem? What each of these questions and so difficult in itself for many years and can not find a solution, and combining them into one complex – the road to nowhere.