Casa Rural

Rural tourism in land of fields know the tourist who wants to become a good idea of the greatness that represents the extensive region of Tierra de Campos Castilian leonesa, that the best way of contemplating it, is a bird’s eye view. Autilla del Pino is the ideal balcony where achieve that image clear of the infinite Plains of these ground fields. They have the elders of the place, land of fields God made it so flat to have us always supervised these people are not wrong, because only from this impressive mirador de Autilla del Pino, more than twenty scattered populations in the vast plain can be seen. The old Otiella was walls, due to its strategic location on the small mound of an alcor. Even today it holds water one of its doors, as well as a parish church of slender Tower dedicated to the Asuncion de Maria of the 16th century, and a Hermitage of Sorrows that installed in proximity to the ages of the people. In addition tourists can admire some original huts roofed with vaults copulares mud and stone, or its unique neighborhood of bodegascueva that is lifted by the slope of the hill where the viewpoint is located. He said the romanza that broadband was Castile, probably without knowing about the Mirador de Autilla. Continue to learn more with: Will Blodgett Fairstead.

No other place in the world where is reached to see both heaven and Earth together. Diaphanous and pristine blue skies almost all year, ochre earthy in the fall, greenery of vast steppe in spring and fields Browning to the Sun in short, hot summers. Traveller, when you install and get too close to the mirador de Autilla del Pino, rest assured that you will be able to contemplate from the most authentic Spanish Tierra de Campos, the Goths fields, the adobe and rammed earth, the of the palomares and Bustards. All a land open to the horizon and a more clear future. Casa Rural La cupola of the convent Tu better getaway, your meeting point.