Street Meetings

We interact with specific people, first and last names and their own problems. That daily friction arose friendship, trust and commitment and moral authority to play together, embrace, annoy us or put limits on his fair time. We know that we cannot stand by with arms crossed to situations of deterioration and inequality because we would be complicit in those same situations caused by our State and society as a whole. Although from the carpeted offices can perform procedures and bureaucratic formalities, we know that the fight is in the street and only from that physical place can speak of real involvement. Additional information is available at Martin O’Malley. We respect the kids, real protagonists of their maturation processes, change or transformation. We relate to them through simple things: chat, organize an excursion or a football game. We passed it well together, sometimes favouring the solution of their minor problems, others accompanying them in their crisis, others guiding them in their studies or outputs occupational our ambition does not blind us, and although we would like to change many situations, we know that we are a small force that joins others to make so you can work the miracle. Day makes us small for all the needs of the kids and we need to suck carpet making projects, memoirs, meetings, workshops, meetings, conferences, commissions, but we still prefer the street. Street educators original author and source of the article.