1.6. Drivers must immediately notify his immediate superior or supervisor of any situation threatening the life or health, of every accident, which occurred at work, or a deterioration of their health, including the emergence of an acute occupational disease (poisoning). Requirements safety before starting work 1.7. Before you start, the driver must: a) get a job of work and travel sheet, verify that it is full, and b) be trained on the specifics of the work and predreysovogo physical examination, c) wear protective clothing and safety footwear standard pattern. Novelist has many thoughts on the issue. 1.8. Upon receipt of orders; driver must: a) check the first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a set of tools and b) in To ensure safe and smooth operation of the line to check the technical condition of the car, drawing attention to the serviceability of tires, brakes, steering, drive shaft bolts, proper wiring, lamps, stop lamps, direction indicators, alarm, control and measuring devices, mirrors, and c) to make every shift maintenance and refueling of the car with fuel, oil, water, antifreeze (in the cold season) and brake fluid, check the battery electrolyte, and d) after filling the car with fuel and oil, wipe dry all parts of the machine, stained with oil. Spilled during refueling of fuel oil removed with rags, sand or sawdust, and e) to check availability and serviceability of the engine idling, lighting and instrumentation, and also at low speed to check the brakes and steering, e) show the car responsible for the production of technically sound machine out of the garage (mechanic) and receive a mark in the traveling sheet of good technical car. . Poet will undoubtedly add to your understanding.