The Business Of Food

Many of us believe that the information that provide us the media is real, and let ourselves be influenced by the need to tax consumption; but this applied to food is quite dangerous, especially when not tell us the truth, inasmuch as this will impair our health, and when this happens, we move on to another Bureau which is the drugs. But I want to focus only on by the influence of the media, they eat things that a short, medium or long term go deteriorate our health, like when they say on television that taking 3 glasses of milk a day, our bones will grow healthy and strong; thing completely out of reality as in all its presentations cow’s milk is not healthy, is associated with cancer, heart disease, allergies, bronchial problems, to poor digestion, also calcium possesses and which is almost minimal, for elders is not assimilable. What I’m telling him, suddenly sounds preposterous, because we have repeated until the satiety that milk makes us well; However dear friend (a), I invite you to investigate, there are texts such as the age of expert nutritionists American Harvey and Marilyn Diamon, the great revolution of fats and smart nutrition, Dr. with studies in Peru, England and China, Sacha neighborhoods; and others in which in a scientific way, demonstrate the veracity of what I am saying. For example you know that milk contains a substance called casein, which is 300 times greater than that of a human being, in cow’s milk is for this reason that this cow’s milk is palatable to their offspring, have 4 stomachs, but for us this milk becomes heavy; In addition to 3 years in our body are present 2 enzymes needed to digest and break down the milk, called Renin and lactase, after that age, disappear from our body, consequently though we take 10 litres our body it is not to assimilate in an appropriate manner. .