The Children

They have identified a large number of factors that decrease the probability of entering into drug use. Some of them have to do with cultural and legislative changes of our society (delete the advertising of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, increase price, strictly follow laws prohibiting its sale to minors, generalize prevention in school, banning smoking in public places etc.). Others are related to characteristics of self-monitoring, each of people who throughout their life have to make the decision to consume or not drugs, or do so in usual manner once tested. In relation to these factors are known successful approaches and varied proposals that pursue the following objectives:-positively channeling the curiosity of the adolescent to, keeping alive his exploratory impulse necessity to the maximum by behaviors and situations of risk. Author helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It is what is intended, for example in information campaigns that, using various media (brochures, Internet, etc.), they seek to convey to the young people adequately informed about the risks associated with drug use. Initiatives oriented to compensate with rational arguments the impulse of curiosity, favouring a decision making more free before the predictable supply of drugs which sooner or later will be object. -Promote education in values and attitudes: appreciation, respect and responsibility for own health and that of the community.

It is the object, for example various preventive programmes in schools seeking to awaken in students the awareness that health does not depend on random, but it is largely conditioned by the decisions that each person adopts. Thousands are educators from all stages who dedicated much of his time to this task. -Stimulate self-esteem: in order to reduce the risk that are interested by chemical formulas to prop up a fragile self-esteem. In addition to prevention programs cited, there are thousands of schools of fathers and mothers in which, discussing the most appropriate educational relationship with the children, in Spain are they address multiple modes of developing a positive image of themselves that make you less vulnerable to external influences in every child and teenager.