The Great

The mothers-in-law are nothing other than mothers, sons-in-law are in-laws of spouses of daughters, a day or of their daughters-in-law, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law are like our children, you have to see it as well, is a family, we must live together to times without remedy, why not have gestures of good tolerance and the will? happens that many people are resentidas, archived fact, a word that you pronunciaste, perhaps evil that, twenty years ago, can still this floating in a person’s heart, you never know and that little detail makes it react for the rest of life as that has a gun in his hand and everytime you can you shoot. The resentment, the bitterness is one of the worst evils that can live within the human being, damage that saved it more than it receives. Installed and flourishes, to find occasions stay afloat and torment is. The person who suffers from this evil is sick but his illness is not physical it even worse and as it takes this feeling drilled the soul its expression is: affable sometimes and sometimes not you look, as if he had two personalities. With people so should strive to coexist if no choice, and the only thing you have is forgive and ignore certain skills. Although always your state of mind can be damaged.

By injustice. God us He has given the word to fix situations, the word serene, sweet, calm, soft, Franca, precise, clean, we could use it, reach agreements, without emotional maltreatment. Isn’t it my case, nor yours, this is everywhere, I hear it every day, the same television, programs are always denigrating to the mothers-in-law, and they are the mothers, the virtuous mothers who love their children and sometimes tolerate him a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law extremely painful positions to not enter into contradiction with their children. But worse still the son or the daughter that softened before the love or loose leg, allows someone missing the respect and consideration to your mother. That I’m radical. My mother with flaws, virtues, sick, healthy, is my mother, and no one in front of my can offend, nor shout him.

I learned it from my father, a man of principles, I never saw him disrespect her mom, said be of step to my beloved grandmother who always behaved with the utmost respect towards his sons, daughters-in-law and son-in-law. Respect is being lost by our beloved beings Dear, but how painful is that the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren, witness it and society can harden, reaching a coldness of feelings, and those that you damaged today, already will be damaged, because the example is what he teaches, own grandchildren are those who turned you face, and make you what you would do to others. Mother-in-law good or bad is a myth, we are all good and bad, you and I are good and bad, sorry if I repeat, if you think well, act well, if you think evil, Act evil, is how you choose, if we are to judge others where are the good guys, cigars, the perfect?, anywhere, then learns to get either skirt or pants and not allow anyone missing respect your mother being mother-in-law or your mother-in-law who is mother. Because you get to that site if God lets you.