The Metamorphosis

In Metamorphoses, it developed and until it more popularized myths most famous and remembered of mythology Greek (p.4), such as of Midas, Orfeu, Eros, Psique, Zeus, Afrodite, Baco, Narcissus, among others. Another aspect presented in its poem is the Chaos, confusion of all the elements that if assume to have preceded the creation of the universe (p.15), and that the poet if relates in Latin as indigestaque soft (&#039 rudis; ' mass informs and confusa' '). (p.16, 17,18). The Metamorphosis of Ovdio remains until today as one of the acclaimed poetical works more on mythology, (p.19) and also one of most inspired. Few had been the poems that had inspired to as many artistic forms how much its metamorphoses, that literature reached, music, architecture (p.6).

Its social character and spiritual concerning the cycles descriptions of the man also influenced the philosophy, remarkably the speech on the origin and the beddings of the inaquality between the men (1989), of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. (p.20) Preserved for the taste of the culture occidental person through the centuries, it inhaled, among others, Dante, Shakespeare, Cruz and Souza, Kafka, Manoel de Barros (p.21 the 25), appearing, thus, as one of the most important classic workmanships of greco-roman mythology and Latin literature. (p.19). The love in Metamorphosis if spreads in all the loving sorts finds escapadelas, impossible, incestuous loves, not-assented, love of brother, love between parentheses, homoertico love, beyond its light story appearance of fairies, metamorphosis presents a fragmented and pparently incoherent exaggerated history, but that in the sample hundreds of legends that they inspire that they are grotescas, and to the subversive times (p.10). The narration, of this form blows up in a multiplicity of mitolgicos episodes, pointed out the fluidity of the world of metamorphosis constituting one universe that erases the porous borders between the human being and the holy ghost, to be linked (p.10).