The MyHammer

The many positive reviews of the contracting authority show that they are very satisfied with the work of our artisans and service providers”, says Gerrit Muller, Chairman of the MY-HAMMER AG. Muller continues: great news on the day of the German Roofing trade, because the good ratings serve as a reference in the acquisition of new customers and as a good argument in the pricing. Several studies have shown that clients are willing to spend more money when they are convinced of the quality of the contractor.” “And there is more to do much with MyHammer: approximately 1,200 jobs currently waiting for offers in the category of roofing work”. The top craftsmen in the heading roofing & facade”find clients in the MyHammer directory under Here you can specifically select craftsmen and Requesting quotations. Or they simply set a tender on the MyHammer marketplace and get offers from interested companies. MyHammer: MyHammer is the number one among the online market-places for trade and service contracts in Germany with more than 1.2 million registered users and over 30,000 daily ongoing tenders.

MyHammer receive customer offers in a very short time and save with 30 percent and more. If you have read about Novelist already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The offered the MyHammer service providers and artisans range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to care and teaching. The MyHammer marketplace private and commercial clients launch tenders on the craftsmen and service providers make good calculated bids. The customer freely chooses the appropriate provider, after the execution of the order client and contractor assess each other. MyHammer simultaneously offers an innovative trade book, which includes more than 230,000 craftsmen registered with MyHammer and service providers. Contracting Authority can targeted after around 1,000 branches with keywords and local search provider and contact directly.

In the search results, the reviews of the provider are displayed by previous clients. The MyHammer reviews are a reliable and objective criterion for award of the contract. The MY-HAMMER AG sits in Berlin and has 50 employees. For more information see. Press contact: MY-HAMMER Corporation Corporate Communications Niels Genzmer Wall Street 79 10117 Berlin Tel. (030) 2 33 22-809 fax (030) 2 33 22 899 E-Mail: