The Paraguayan

Initially, the neighbors thought that he was pra. Others said that he was pombro or karai pyhare. – In Paraguay the Easter without chipa is not Easter. In addition, pa" i blesses pindo karai, and we practiced tupit – By its part, when the celebration arrives from San Juan we cannot live without yvyrasi, pila jeherei, ball tata or race vosa – The traditional meals are vori vori, so" or apu" to, chipa guasu, mbeju, mandi" or chyryry, sjo, saporo, jopara, mbaipy, chichar or iakngue yvyguy – Of dessert we consumed kamby arro, kiveve or kaguyjy – When the food us " it does mal" we take jate" i ka" to, the renal problems him " bajamos" aguape puru" to, also kok or parapara" i – When mit" is have sevo" i we used ka" ar – Al to travel, still usually we see trees and plants of tajy, amba" and, yvyra pyt, pakuri, yvapur, yvapov. In the house many have a enredadera of mburukuja – An animal, very ours, but in extinction is the ivory palm. – Where it sings pitogue is a pregnant woman – The Paraguayan children undergo of oho and kambyryrujere.

To some adults them " agarra" py" aruru. – The most common crafts are of karanda" and; in Itaugua they do anduti; in Jataity aopo&quot is made; i; in Karapegua they elaborate poyvi. – Al informer or scavenger we also called pyrague to him or tiro" ys. To the domestic employee it is common to say pokyr to him. To the police we called chavoli to him. Perhaps check out author for more information. When somebody " it sends parte" him tenth: that jejapo that sos, or: that kua" pa that sos. When somebody does one " visita" furtive to its tenth loving fianc2ee or who " it entered of jakare".