The Planet Land

Beyond the financial crisis and of the fall of the food production that my texts already had affirmed that they would happen. Not contented, therefore few had listened to in them, still we alert that the increase of the level of the sea would be felt soon, and in visibly superior way to the 50 centimeters, or 01 meter, that the scientists had foreseen for the end of this century. now stops for-normal Something strange walks happening in brazilian lands We recently hear many notice with the following predicates: bigger flood of last the one hundred years; bigger wave of heat of history; bigger drought since that the measurements had started They will be only coincidences? It will be that the scientists had foreseen, or they had informed in them that these events would occur with as much rapidity and almost at the same time? What me she seems, they are estarrecidos with> and just continue desiring a world, joined and fraterno, where the love and the charity reign absolute between Its children, as example that was repassed in them by the Master. Are these the values that invigorate in our society? We try to show for all the people who we reach with our texts, the importance to help the next one, loving God above all and the next one as to we ourselves. The necessity to act in accordance with> demons our face to covers when we contest given presented for the governments that said that they were if worrying about the preservation and the recovery of the nature. When we affirm that the environment meetings served of excuse so that the leaders only made of account who are worried about the case, a time that nothing of concrete is presented meeting after meeting, year after year.

These meetings serve more as stroll and as excuse to be received daily. Or to be in the searchlights of the world-wide media, making the propaganda of its governments. > how much I, however more influential people so . But the fact is that I will not give up> to try to help and to open the eyes of the people who not yet enxergaram the real dimension of what she is happening. The extintrio danger that if approaches. First the small animals Later the great ones I wait that all have the wisdom of the pro-activity, in order not to leave to only act when the water already will be for the neck, or when little it could be made.

Who has faith and the hope as guide of its actions, never gives up. is this that makes me fort. The faith in my Loved Father, and the hope in my brothers of day. I will fight until the end. The hope is the last one that it dies, however my faith never will die. The Planet Land is our house. A gift that God gave in them. I wait that all have conscience of this.