The Project

Affected users a knowledgeable potential represent for the company that should be if not used for the development of specifications for the new software is even indispensable. What objectives should be for the user? Where was there at the previous software the most problems and inefficient work processes? These and other questions the user more competent than an outsider, since they work every day with the software. By incorporating their concrete application problems, the employees feel taken seriously. The appreciation of the company toward them increases; they are motivated, because they can and must contribute their experience. At the same time, the opportunity to develop a really efficient software grows through the complementary know-how.

For all employees before all users are informed, it is considered sufficient information to clarify which information requirements in detail with the users is. Issues that occur for affected employees are often as follows: why are there a rollout, the objectives that are what and what changes are personally associated for each one? The information must satisfactorily answer all questions the user, present solutions, and taking into account the objectives of the employees and the company. Then the employees feel satisfyingly perceived and can be positively tune in to the project. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Picard. On a comprehensible (Professional) language and appropriate vocabulary is to avoid communication difficulties do not lead to false inference among employees at the information. To the rapid dissemination of information mostly the proven and familiar communication channels within the company are offered, because the employees with them are familiar and use them regularly and automatically. Time, content and design of the information is extremely sensitive and crucial for the further course of the project the right timing for the dissemination of information. In fact, there is never the only ones several dates on which different information must be issued are perfect right now, but it.

Project phase and time are therefore crucial. Brief information on all software users meet at the beginning of the project. During the project period will increase the quantity and frequency. In the final stages before the rollout, the employees receive project-accompanying up-to-date news. A report in the form of a final evaluation will be an accompanying communication on the first implementation successes should be spent at the end of the project instead, and after the successful implementation of the software. Experienced project managers realize the right time for the disclosure of information in each phase of the project always to ensure positive mood among the affected employees. Any common information must have absolute truth. It applies to difficult aspects of the project staff as well to attract like positive solutions, resulting from the roll-out.