The United States Happening

You have such things happen? " Your letter should not be a monologue or questionnaires. Combine both. Be interesting! Let's take food for man reflection. If you read a good book or an article, watched a movie, share with the man his thoughts, and ask his opinion. Express your attitude to global events, such, for example, as the war in , the famine in Africa, the earthquake in Japan, etc. If you have some history associated with it, tell us.

How do people in Russia are for the upcoming elections or changing room? As Russians evaluate a recent government campaign The United States? A man must see chtovy interested in things and events around you, and you have an opinion about what is happening. The best way to interest the man – it's a good joke. Try to describe happening to you event with humor, and a man will be looking forward to another of your letter. For example: 'This morning, again passed by 3 buses, and neither nor stopped. In each nation – as seddi in a barrel. Naturally, the work late, but here the head: What Petrova again, buses do not stop? Had to say that the neighbors above flooded. I'm afraid at this work of public transport my fantasy will not last long. " People who know how to laugh at themselves, respect and trust. In principle, any, even the grassroots situation can be described with humor. In no case do not write: 'I have all the old, nothing there.