Tourism In Our Time

Difficult economic, political and social processes that have taken place in the world have changed society. It has become more advanced culturally and industrially, more democratic. Tourism has become a mass, calculated on different tastes, interests, income levels, a variety of sectors of society. Currently, tourism and travel have become an integral part of the industry. The difference in distance, time, location, purpose and length of stay – all this as soon as the components of tourism. In total, tourism is a versatile phenomenon, which together with the combined elements of adventure, visiting exotic locations, the romance of distant travels, a mystery, at the same time, health issues, personal safety and security of their property. International tourism has a strong effect on employment country. According to experts, currently working in the tourism industry around 100 million people around the world.

And probably within five years, one out of eight able-bodied man in the world will work in tourism. The tourist industry – a process time-consuming. Therefore, it involved mostly unskilled workers. Nevertheless, this does not mean that in the tourism sector does not apply highly skilled labor. In this industry jobs in terms of geography spread wider, relative to other developing economic sectors. International tourism is a powerful current source of foreign exchange earnings, it also affects the balance of payments of the country.

In addition to the influence of the economic situation of many countries, international tourism impacts on their cultural and social environment. Also affect the environment, which turn, affects the flow of tourist. Tourism became a large scale throughout the world. In addition to Europe – the traditional tourist center, is also active popular in Africa, Asia, Oceania, America, and Australia.