Trade Week

This algorithm needs to spend 10 minutes a day. Indicator forecasting, an additional table for MetodN3, instructions for the third method, called ‘Strategy for the 2 nd level’ descriptions of and links to the consultation forums with 300 posts, all are in the archive regulest.rar 379 Kb, which is available for download, and what to do next – a private matter. _ Download techniques. <> _ Alternative link to download. *** My personal opinion as the author of a strategy that is necessary to acquire the trading algorithm one pound – MetodN3, because only two of the most lucrative of the week, bring a 144% deposit 1920 Euro, calculated for the whole year. Sample the best in this year’s Trade Week on algorithm MetodN3. Statistics are kept manually in each row from left to right are marked: Number; kotrovki GBP OpenMaxMinClos without the ‘1 .6 ‘; in parentheses conducted sellbuy deals and the result, after the bracket size of the initial deposit, then ‘B = HB’ forecasts of the day as ‘GBP = CHF, JPY’; entry point to the positions of the price of Open; warrant / 45 sl75; or other recommendation – to leave an open transaction. Sounds complicated, but after getting used to all this is also done in 3-5 minutes day. I even bank establish..