Tretin Crema

-Men with acne in the region of the beard must prove the electric shaver or razor blades to see which is the most convenient. If you use leaves razor soften beard with shaving foam and water warm. Shaving should be very soft for carving not beads, in addition the blade should be as sharp as possible. Sesderma recommend treatment visit our Web. Get more background information with materials from 79th St. Fairstead. No skin cleaning should be done by part of the patients, parents, or estheticians not supervised by dermatologists.Blackheads and inflammatory lesions must not touch, since any trauma to the skin can tear the lesion and appear later scars. A tear in the skin facilitates the access of microbes and increases the risk of infection. Our policy is the perform these cleanings cutis every 15 30 days in the clinic. We have a beautician specializing in facials.

The extraction of blackheads is made with devices called comedones extractors. After cleaning the face is somewhat irritated, but the improvement is evident in 7 days 4. Some patients with Acne have many inflammatory lesions (hard or internal grains). In these cases, infiltrates an anti-inflammatory drug within the lesion using a special syringe that injects the medicine by air, without puncturing. This syringe is called Dermojet. Local treatments there are many local treatments to control acne. They are based on substances such as sulphur, benzoyl peroxide and retinol.

We prefer a local treatment with salicylic acid or Tretin Crema.Tretin cream is used in the prevention and treatment of wrinkles, but is also used for more than 25 years in the treatment of acne. Tretin cream every night should be applied after the facial cleansing. The amount of cream to be applied is minimal, usually 2 little balls the size of a pea, that will extend for the entire face, including eyelids. After the treatment, it is advisable that patients continue indefinitely applying this cream, for its beneficial effects on the skin are notable.