University Hospital Freiburg

Relief for upper respiratory allergies by a new therapy procedure the augmented acupuncture (acupuncture-reinforced) was developed by Dr.Covic (Konstanz). Its outstanding success in the treatment of upper respiratory allergies prompted the University Hospital Freiburg to conduct a double-blind study. Click BBC to learn more. During the clinical testing of the new therapy, was the Wirksmkeit of the augmented acupuncture in the treatment of 3000 people with allergies with symptoms such as hay fever, eye itching, or asthma, scientifically. 25% of the subjects the symptoms were eliminated weeks after a single treatment for 4-6. 50% of allergy sufferers showed a significant reduction in symptoms. Only 25% of treated persons the therapy showed no effect. The treatment success based on “windaausleitenden” acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is set to a local anesthetic, a short correction. As a result, the brain pours out body’s own hormones, which reduce the allergic reaction or entirely eliminate.

Adverse effects are not expected. The best time to treat is a few days after the first onset of symptoms, even before the patient has taken medications, such as antihistamines and cortisone. Doctors and naturopaths offer Germany the therapy process. A treatment costs ca 60,-and is recoverable only by private health insurance companies. Because it’s a syptomatische treatment and recurrence of allergic symptoms definitely can be expected, also a causative treatment of allergy should are in addition to the augmented acupuncture. For this purpose, a nutrition and own blood therapy, which is the best already started in the State time suitable.