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Renewable energy offer stability in times of crisis! Ensure legal guarantees in France. Solar power must be primarily taken by the energy suppliers and paid over 20 years to legally defined constant rates. Regardless of the time of the investment the Fund pays only so much for a solar power plant, as this can also generate. Energy covers a basic need of the people such as food and beverages and is needed even in times of crisis. Legal guarantees ensure in France that offer eco investments in renewable energy from the outset on stability. A stake the State funding uses solar for you.

Even in times of impending inflation, a participation in our solar fund protection offers as it invests in tangible assets. Inflation is growing, so also for energy prices. In this case, that means increasing revenue of the Fund, and higher payouts for investors. Facts about solar energy in France: photovoltaic cells have a term of up to 40 years. Later good recycling ability with high Degree of reusability. Unlimited availability of solar energy worldwide. Remaining term of fossil fuels gas, uranium, oil approximately 50-60 years, coal 200 years. Solar systems can be used remotely with smaller units.

Power voltage loss due to long forwarding distances are eliminated due to decentralized power generation. Solar energy is emissionslos – there is currently no particulates solar energy in France saved annually over 4 million tonnes of co emissions. By the solar industry, already more than 60,000 new jobs have been created in France. More 3000 new jobs are in the solar sector in planning.