Web Page Designs

Why need you have a web page? the website of a company reflects the image of the front of millions of people who visit it, provides a very important increase in sales, it represents a considerable improvement of the service provided to the customer and a very important expansion of the clientele, have a Web site on the Internet is currently equal to open a new store in the real world. Portals for sale of any products allow us to extend the borders of our shop without special costs. In Clamsol we can make a portal for e-commerce fully professional for the sale of their products from the Internet, creating for this purpose the necessary roads for its perfect functioning.The design of a website is important to offer that good first impression to your customers, but is not the only thing. A web of quality need other requirements to increase the success of its service: clarity, ease of use, speed of loading, etc., are determining factors in the acquisition of customers.We are a developer of web services for companies wishing to expand their business using the Internet. What does your website need? Which tools need your business to give its customers a quality service? At Clamsol we give you the ability to customize your site up to the smallest detail. We invite you to learn about each of these modules that comprise, or supplemented, the functions of your web site. If you are not sure at some point, ask us for advice without commitment.

News management easily manage your news. The news feature with date, owner, subtitle, description, photos, etc. You can mark them as outstanding and they will appear automatically on your home page. CMS content this module Manager is highly recommended when you need a page that your content to vary very steady. You can easily edit it as if it were her most common word processor.